Top Habits of Ivy Tech Bound College Students

Values and Engagement

In ivy tech community college, we value our student’s success. For our student’s success, there must be coordination between our staff, faculty, and students to form perfect harmony.

Through our strategic planning process, we place our students at the core center of our most important values. In ivy tech community college, we have divided our students’ habits into 3 core sections;

  1. Students.
  2. Faculty.
  3. Staff.
Top Habits of Ivy Tech Bound College Students
Top Habits of Ivy Tech Bound College Students


Students at ivy tech community college must key in the school values. These values must be like their daily habits.

  • Attend all our students must try and attend all the classes on time. The students must try their best to learn their instructors’ names and build a close relationship with them.
  • Students must try their level best to complete what they started. This means that as a student in our college you must try your best to complete your course.
  • Your lectures provide assignments, and you must try your best to complete all the assignments. The lecturers hand out assignments to try and assess the learner’s capabilities.
  • You must develop well-organized and disciplined study habits as an ivy tech student. Some of the few study habits you should adopt are;
  • Manage your time by booking in concentrating on time
  • Utilize every day, week after week, and month-to-month scheduler to assist with keeping you on target.
  • List when assignments are expected and plan in reverse from their due dates.
  • Make a space that is saved for your school work.
  • Have the instruments you want available to concentrate like highlighters, PCs, paper, number crunchers, the right lighting, and so forth.
  • Concentrating on in brief time frame hinders something like an hour at a time. Break more significant assignments into more modest pieces.
  • Take notes in class and during perusing – Review them! Ask yourself inquiries and afterward respond to them as would be natural for you. Compose questions you don’t have the foggiest idea about the response t in the edges and ask your teacher.


The faculty of ivy tech community college consists of teachers, lecturers, researchers, scholars, and professors of various ranks such as associated professors and assistant professors. Our faculty members are specialized in different fields but their fundamental goals are typical such as;

  • The faculty members are advised to interact with the students that they teach. By the first class/end of the first week, the faculty members should know their students’ names. This is made possible by the small classes that will give the student-to-faculty ratio of 1:16.
  • With the favorable ratio of students to their teachers, ivy tech college can monitor their students’ behaviors and progress closely and step in. They should give timely feedback on students’ assignments and exams so that they can make changes in due time.
  • The lecturers must conduct highly structured courses per ivy tech community college standards. This means they should penalize students for missing exams and assignments but be flexible when appropriate.
  • The faculty of ivy tech community college should know all available resources on campus and direct students to them when needed.


The staff at ivy tech community college plays a key part in our student’s success by establishing a friendly and conducive environment for studies. The staff is one of the pillars of the academic success of our students. They should celebrate, establish and engage students in forming a personal connection towards forming a good and conducive environment on and off campus.

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