QAB105 Quantitative Analysis For Business


The income of a person can have a significant impact on their spending habits.

Research shows that many factors influence consumer spending, including income, gender, age, education, and age.

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QAB105 Quantitative Analysis For Business
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To investigate the relationship between food spend and take home pay in Australia, researchers plan to survey a group of individuals from across the country.

Please explain briefly

(a) What survey method should the researcher use?

(b) What sample collection method is the researcher using to select his/her samples and why

(c) What are the potential issues that the researcher might face during data collection?

Imagine a researcher collecting data on 150 individuals to conduct this study.

The weekly take-home income and food expenditure for each person were also recorded.

These data are saved in FOODEXP.XLS.

Use this data set along with EXCEL to answer the questions below.

First, the researcher wants to use the graphical descriptive techniques and the numerical descriptive measures to present the data.

(a) The researcher chooses to use 8 class intervals like 100


The questionnaire could be used to obtain information about Australia’s food spending and take-home earnings.

The survey could be conducted using convenience or non-probability samples.

Researchers might encounter bias in data collection.

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