NUR 300 Nursing Transition


An exercise intervention for breast-cancer survivors with bone loss (Twiss J.J. Waltman N. L. Berg K. Ott C.D. Gross G.J. & Lindsey, 2009).

Take a look at the article, and identify the key points. Then write them down in the assignment question.

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NUR 300 Nursing Transition
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Make sure you use every question aspect in your answer as a heading.

1. Who are the researcher(s)/are they?

What are their qualifications?

2. Is this a quantitative study or a qualitative one?

3. What is the fundamental paradigm of the study’s research?

4.What purpose does the study serve? Identification, description, exploration and explanation.

5. Is this an example of applied research or basic research, and if so, why?

6. The relevance of this study to nursing



Exercise intervention for breast-cancer survivors with bone loss.

Journal of Nursing Scholarship 41(1), 20-27.

Janice J. Twiss PhD, Nancy L. Waltman PhD, Kris Berg EdD Carol D. Ott PhD, Gloria J. are the authors of this study.

Gross, Ada M. Lindsey (RN, PhD), Gloria J.

All the authors are University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing Omaha, NE USA.

This research is quantitative and focuses on improving the strength and balance of 110 survivors of breast cancer.

The study has a single goal: to develop a multi-component intervention trial.

This study is designed to include 110 breast cancer survivors (BCS) suffering from bone loss. It will also require them to participate in strength and weight training over 24 months to see if they fall less and have stronger muscles and balance than the BCS who did not.

This study is an example in applied research.

This is due to the fact that the study was based on the statistical analysis of 223 participants.

Biodex Velocity spectrum Evaluation was also used in the study to assess muscle strength and balance via a Timed Backward Tandem Walk.

This is a very relevant study for nursing as it involves the intervention of exercise.

This could also serve as an example of evidence-based research that can be useful for nurses to use in their future research.

This could be of relevance to nursing, as it may improve the quality life of breast cancer survivors.

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