How to write a good ivy tech application essay

What is an Application Essay?

The Ivy Tech application essay falls into a college admission essay. A college admission essay is a short essay that can mean the difference between rejection and acceptance in your dream college.

The instructors normally take a few minutes in reading your college essay that you have spent years researching and crafting your skills. College essays need to be simple and be able to capture the attention of college administrators.

With an example, you will be able to learn how to write your ivy tech community college.

Example 1

Alongside a level of study, I completed a year of work experience as a teaching assistant at Wesley High School planning and delivering history lessons to groups of GCSE students. This was exciting as it allowed me to express my love for history in an active creative, and intellectual manner. I particularly enjoyed sharing my knowledge about the importance of key figures like Hippocrates and galena in the history of medicine, exploring why religion led people in Middle Ages to whip themselves as the means of curing the black death was interesting as my class challenged me to question develop and revisit my knowledge this placement improves my willingness to adapt in a new environment and growing confidence while gaining leadership skills…….

Example 2

I want to be at the heart of decision-making to lead and form global communities dedicated to addressing the urgent international education crisis; quite simply, I want to study international education policy at ivy tech community college so I can sit at the table with other future leaders. Turn my passions into solutions and become an agent of change for current and future generations across the globe……..

Financial Aid for international students in Ivy Tech College
Financial Aid for international students in Ivy Tech College

Tips for writing a good college essay

Avoid cliché achievement stories

When you are trying to brainstorm the best topic for your college application essay at ivy tech community college.

The biggest mistake that most students make, especially international students, to be specific from China and India, is they write in a very predictable style that they have a success story and they aren’t vulnerable at all.

When writing an ivy tech community college essay, you should try at all costs to write something unique.

Prove you are a human being

When writing your essay, try to prove to colleagues that you are a human.

Try to express your emotions, friends, feelings, and thoughts. Colleges are not looking for academic automatons, that get everything perfect and that never make mistakes; they are looking for people.

In your ivy tech college application try to write in your voice, the things that you have achieved and in line with the course that you are applying for.

Don’t repeat essay topics

This is one of the cardinal rules, especially if you’re applying to a top college, but try not to repeat the same topics over and over again.

Not repeating yourself will make your essay much stronger and able to show different facets of who you are.

Tell a story and get too specific

One of the most powerful tools that we have when writing college essays is story narratives. The narrative is a powerful thing; that’s why we love television and movies; we love how stories open us up and help us connect to people who come from different backgrounds.

One of the most important things is that you are relatable, even though you might represent diversity in some way. In your story, try to get to more specifications of who you are.

Balance reflection, interpretation, and narrative

In a college application, you have to reflect on a story because you can’t tell a story without an interpretation. You will have to share your point of view and show that you are learning something.

When writing your story, the instructor will love to see your maturity in you and how you can figure things out by yourself.

In a college application, you have to find a balance between the analytical reflective information and the story information.

Be yourself

When writing a college application, it’s important to be yourself. Try to show out the real, you don’t try too hard to write what you think colleges want.

Writing what you think colleges want can be problematic since it will be an essay to sniff out the sincerity, and if you sound insincere in your essays, it’s hard for the administrator to root for you.

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