Financial Aid for international students in Ivy Tech College

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is monetary assistance that a student gets from either a university institution or from the government to assist to pay for university expenses like tuition and accommodation room on board.

The terms financial aid and scholarships are used interchangeably sometimes, but in the U.S, there are various types of financial Aid and scholarships;

  1. University grants/institutional financial Aid.
  2. Institutional loans
  3. Home Government & scholarships
  4. Outside grants &scholarships
  5. Work-study programs.
Financial Aid for international students in Ivy Tech College
Financial Aid for international students in Ivy Tech College

University grants/ institutional financial Aid

Ivy tech college offers international students several grants to allow them to study at the university. Grants are the best gift aid, as they are awards you do not have to pay back. Here are some of the top grants available at ivy tech community college.

Adult student grant

International students can apply for this type of grant. It is meant for independent students. Assist returning adult students in starting or completing an associated or bachelor’s degree or certificate. Enrollment is done at least six credit hours.

Institutional loans

Loans might be accessible to you as a feature of your financial aid grants to assist with subsidizing your schooling. Keep in mind: A loan is cash that should be repaid and may build revenue.

You ought to just get what is essential to assist you with your schooling.

Be sure you figure out the agreements of your loan, assuming that you choose to get one by visiting Federal Student Aid at:

William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loan.

This type of loan comes in two types direct subsidized loan and direct unsubsidized loan. A direct subsidized loan is based on need, while a direct unsubsidized loan is not based on need.

William D. Ford Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan.

This loan is used to assist students who have financial difficulties to pay for their studies at ivy tech community college. The direct plus parent loan program is available for students through parents applying for their undergraduate students.

2) Home Government & scholarships

This type of loan depends on your country of origin. This type of loan occurs when you have applied for a loan on the terms of your country to come to study at ivy tech community college.

The loan commonly is applied at the embassy, and if you are lucky enough, you can get a fully funded scholarship. The loan is paid back after the completion of your course and securing a job.

3) Outside grants &scholarships

These are types of grants and scholarships that are provided by big companies and cooperations such as MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Google, UNICEF, and UN.

For example, MasterCard partners with various schools, and after you have performed in your high school examinations, you compete with other students and if you pass their exams, they give you a fully funded scholarship to study at ivy tech community college.

4) Work-study programs.

Ivy tech community college allows international students to work while they are still on campus. For the first year in ivy community college, you are only allowed to work on campus.

The money paid can be sent directly to your school account to complete your fee or directly to you to support you while you are still studying. Students are allowed to apply for jobs as per their free application for federal student aid (FAFSA)

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