Dynamic Range


Discuss the Dynamic Range.


Dynamic range refers to a range in light intensities that ranges from the darkest shadows through to the brightest highlighted parts.

The dynamic range refers to the ratio between maximum light and minimum light that can measured. This is black and white, respectively.

It is calculated by EV Exposure Value.

Photographers can have wide dynamic ranges (ratio between maximum light and maximum darkness). Other scenes have a narrower exposure.

A change in dynamic range size can lead to images being very grayed or very black-white.

This is because dynamic range works better with weaker noise than it does with strong echoes.

This is because weak echoes can cause reflectors to be small, revealing texture and noise that doesn’t have any diagnostic value.

The imaging machine will capture more information if it has a wider dynamic range.

The imaging machine will capture less information if its dynamic range is smaller.

But the contrast between the two images will vary.

(Marcus 2015.) The less information a camera captures, the greater the contrast between the elements of an image.

(Marcus 2015.) This means that the larger the dynamic range of a camera, the less contrast there is between features. Conversely, the smaller the image, and the sharper the image features are captured.

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Larger dynamic range (Upstate Medical University 2014).

Narrower dynamic Range (Upstate Medical University 2014.

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