Humanity Try To Contact Intelligent Aliens


Disseminate about Humanity.


I would like this question to be asked because this is one of my main concerns with ETI.

Before we explore ETI further, it is crucial to confirm that they are not trying to harm us.

If they are attempting to harm us, we need to put more emphasis on our military and space defense than having scientific exchanges.

ETI discovery would have huge implications.

First, it would confirm that life exists elsewhere in the universe than Earth. This would also mean that other planets could be found where life is possible.

This could be a concern for humanity and could make it scary. However, it could also indicate that humans could move to other planets as needed.

The second benefit is that the technology exchange with ETI may help solve environmental problems and allow for the restoration of ecological balance.

It could open up the possibility of colonization in space and challenge human supremacy (Dvorsky (2014)).

Stephen Hawking stated that METI is a bad idea because it could spell doomsday on our planet.

The situation is further aggravated by the fact that it is not regulated at the moment.

It would be preferable to focus on SETI. After a discovery is made, the message should then be sent through appropriate consultations. (David (2014)

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