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The given product has a high GP Margin at 49.55%, a ST of 7.5, a LM OF 17%, and a ST of 7.5.

Because the climate is hot, this product is highly sought after.


A pharmacy should make sure that they keep the product in stock.

The GP% stands at 22.82%.

There could be a separate section on the product.


A LM of 6.2 means that the GP margin is good at 36.55%.

It should be disposed because it does not reflect well on the company’s image.

It is possible to make a gross profit % of 15% with a LM at 15.3% and ST at 1.2.

This should be eliminated.

Cough and cold

The stock must be decreased with a LM at 18.19 LM, and ST of 2.5.

There are products in this category that are sensitive to price.

There are many supermarkets that sell similar products. The pricing should be based upon the prices of competitors.

Price must be reduced to increase sales.

Care for the eyes and lenses

This category is doing well so there are no changes required.

First aid and wound care

GMROS is not very good and ST is 4.

The profit margin for the product is good at 40.51%. This is why their performance is excellent.

The product is likely to be a success.

It is important that the GMROS for each item be figured. It is also suggested that the items with a high margin need more space and a better treatment.

This will increase the item’s prestige.

GMROS is low, but the GP margin in GP is high.

However, the ST is 4.36 which suggests that it is underperforming.

A change in positioning could help increase sales.

Every item in the product should be examined. The ones with the greatest margins should be highlighted.


Gifts have been struggling and show lower figures in every section, such as GMROI and GMROS.

Therefore, it is recommended that the pharmacy reduces the gift category and buy only unique gifts for special occasions.

Hair care

The products range occupies a large LM. Other important dimensions are not good. It is therefore necessary to verify the GMROS of each bran.

Hand and nail

The line is well-positioned with a good GP margin and low GMROS.

It is crucial to remerchandize this category.

The ST and GMROS are not very good.

To improve its popularity, the pharmacy must use differentiation strategies, increase stock and offer reasonable prices.

Domestic and household

The gross profit margin for this range is poor.

It is important to get rid of the dishwashing liquid and laundry powder.

Oral hygiene

The given range is in very bad condition.

The LM number is 12 because mouthwashes occupy more areas.

One solution is to keep just a few brands, and each brand must be unique.

The perfume prestige line has performed well. However, although the GP% is high, the ST is not.

Therefore, each product’s GMROS must be tracked

Sinus and allergy

The range given has the highest ST and can therefore be kept the exact same.

Skin Care

The Skin care segment has been struggling.

Analyzing the GMROS of each project is important. It was discovered that products such as eczema, and the aqueous oil need to always be in stock

It is important that the marketing and stocking of these products are done during summer, and not during winter.

It has a good general percentage.

Vitamin and nutrition

According to the above figure, the market for this particular category of goods has been poor and must be properly promoted.

As has been noted, the ST is reasonable. Therefore, there is no need to make any changes.

Weight Management

The GRMROS and Gross Profit Margin figures, as well as the ST figures, look excellent.

The product can be re-marketed and placed next to vitamins and nutrition to improve their performance.

Office and home supplies

A Gross Margin of 52% is found in the Home and office supplies, which is quite good.

Therefore, no changes are recommended in this sector.


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