EG353-Reflection On Employability


Create a Reflection on Employability based upon your Research.


Employability Skills Gained

Today’s labour market is extremely competitive.

Employers are looking for employees that will increase their firm’s competitiveness and sustainability.

They are therefore very selective about the employees they choose to place.

People with high employability skills have better chances of getting employment.

The research process was a key part of my ability to enhance my employability skills.

I learned many employability skills during this project.

I first learned critical thinking skills.

I was able to improve my critical thinking abilities through this process.

It helped me develop my ability to critically analyze diverse ideologies and arrive at well-reasoned and coherent conclusions.

This particular research was focused on an extremely difficult component of engineering.

It required an extensive analysis of materials and ideologies in order to find the right solution.

I was able to use my critical thinking skills to help me make objective and cohesive judgments on issues.

Furthermore, I developed problem-solving abilities.

This ability is closely tied to critical thinking.

This research gave me the opportunity to solve one of engineering’s most difficult problems.

This allowed me to view and analyse problems from many angles.

This research has helped me believe that every problem can be solved, if I approach it with the right mindset.

My time management skills were also improved by the research process.

Employers look for people who can manage their time well in the work place.

I learned how to plan and schedule effectively through this project.

Working under tight deadlines and pressure made me realize the importance of a time schedule for managing my time.

My research experience has taught me how to better manage my time and allocate time according to their complexity.

Another essential skill that I learned through this research was teamwork.

It was crucial that I worked closely with my supervisors throughout the duration of my research.

I gained a better understanding of the complex topics of the research topic through my interactions with supervisors. This allowed me to make objective connections among the theories and the research problem.

I have this ability and I am able to collaborate with people of different cultures to solve critical problems in society.

Both mistakes and improvements

Despite the difficulty of the topic, I made mistakes when relating the available theories to the analysed data.

I still appreciate the guidance I received from my supervisors when evaluating the relevant theories, and interpreting the analysed results.

These mistakes are easily corrected if I seek out the help of my supervisors and colleagues to improve my online research and critical evaluation of scholarly resources.

Improvements in My Employability

Learning is a continual process.

Therefore, I hope to use the skills gained through this research to increase my employability by interfacing with professionals and from different cultures.

To improve the quality and effectiveness of my research I will be working with scholars in the field.

I found this research to be extremely educative.

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