GCNNK1 Nursing Knowledge


The purpose of this course is to provide an experiential learning environment that will allow the learner to integrate and consolidate the program modules.

It provides an opportunity for the learner to create an experiential learning context that will consolidate the programme modules.

Learn from modules you’ve completed before and apply the skills and knowledge.

Demonstrate critical knowledge of the host organisation’s aims, business model and management system.

The college and organization have agreed to research a management issue.

Write, present, and discuss material that articulates ideas and insights. Reflect on the learning process.

Enhance communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Build self-confidence and selfesteem while working in a team environment.

These tasks are required in order to successfully achieve the learning outcomes and pass work-based learning modules.

Identify the right organization, agree on a topic and get it approved by the College Coordinator.

Participate in the pre-placement workshop. This culminates with the submission of individual Learning Goals.

Prepare and submit a detailed report on work-based learning

Prezentate the learnings gained from your work-based experience



This report is a work-based learning project that is based on Dahlia Shoe Boutique, Ranelagh in Dublin.

Rachel O’Bryne is the owner of Dahlia. She has many years of experience in the retail business.

Rachel is a former solicitor who opened Dahlia shoe Boutique in 2008. Her passion for shoes inspired her to start the boutique.

The boutique offers a unique collection of shoes and jeweler as well as bags, hosiery, and accessories (Yellow).

For my placement, I have worked here since 2017.

I perform all of the tasks in the shoe shop such as opening and closing, stock take, and many others.

The shop’s old setup, which used hand-written receipts and an old till, may have been slowing down its growth and development.

Also, the shop has a poor online presence and is not well managed.

The Dahlia shoe boutique in Dublin has a large customer base, but most of them know that the shop doesn’t sell online.

This report will examine online selling and how Dahlia Shoes Boutique can make use of the internet to grow its business.

Online Selling

Aldrich (2011) explains that online selling (also known as ecommerce) can be defined as transactions that occur on the internet.

E-commerce can take the form of services or goods being traded for goods and services.

Online selling can be achieved via traditional websites, social media platforms, mobile or tablet applications, and other online channels.

Ecommerce was established 40 years ago. The current innovation has seen it grow steadily.

Ecommerce has made it possible to have a much better user experience, as well as safety, since its inception in the 1970s (Miva).

According to iShift Staff (2010) e-commerce has advanced and most businesses have shifted to the digital market from the traditional market.

Because they only have limited market access, businesses that are not ready to embrace the new way of trading face stiff competition.

Economists claim that online selling has increased the price competition. This can be mainly explained by customers’ ability to find information about products and prices.

Online commerce is highly dependent on internet-based technology for transactions.

Online commerce gives businesses the ability to transact business anywhere and at any time (Laudon and al.

International business transactions have been made easier by online business. This has allowed all consumers and businesses to have the chance to become suppliers or customers.

Online selling has made it possible to eliminate the political and other barriers that had been hindering the growth of businesses for many years. This has given every organization the chance to be on the same market, as everyone can display their products in the online-stores without having to have physical stores.

Customers can now buy goods and services from sellers via the internet by using a web browser.

E-commerce has become an integral part of modern business.

The majority of organizations have created websites to showcase their products to customers. This makes it much easier for them to locate the product that interests them.

Customers have the option to search for other vendors and compare prices before buying a product.

There are many computers that customers can shop online, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and tablets.

Good online shops allow customers to browse through a wide variety of products and provide detailed information about each product, including photos and specifications.

Customers can also obtain recommendations from customers who have previously used the product or service. This allows them to make informed decisions about the product or service that they wish to purchase.

Staff at the store can’t provide such detail.

Online selling is convenient for customers as they can easily access the information they need through the website. This is especially important when purchasing products that may not be available locally.

Online shopping allows customers to purchase a broad range of products quickly and easily, thus saving time.

Many online sellers offer discounts or sales promotions that make it cheaper for customers.

Ecommerce can be an effective way to distribute products to customers.

It can help increase sales and reduce operating costs while increasing profits.

The internet makes it easy for people to check out the business and see the products and services that it sells.

The internet is a place where millions of customers can search for products or services each day (Richardson (2013)).

Ecommerce is growing every year as more people realize how convenient it can be to purchase goods and services online.

Ecommerce gives businesses the ability to use a wide variety of marketing and sales strategies that help in attracting and keeping customers.

Online Selling has Many Advantages

Online businesses have lower setup and operating costs than traditional businesses.

Because it costs less to set up a business website than to rent or build a physical business location, this is why.

The organization can sell online by having an automated sales system that reduces the number employees needed to run it. This allows the organization to save on employee salaries and wages as well as other costs.

This allows the company to save money and increase the variety of services or products it offers to its customers (Richardson 2013).

Online selling is accessible from any place.

Because online business isn’t limited by geography, it is possible to sell from anywhere.

A business owner can operate their business anywhere, as long as he or she has internet access and email.

Online websites help to determine the best-selling products and ensure that more of those products are available.

Management can also use it to develop and diversify a variety of products for their websites (Teriz 2011).

This allows the company to increase its sales, customer base, and profits by increasing the number of products that are sold to their customers.

Richardson states (2013) that online sales are not limited by time.

Online selling platforms allow customers to access the website at any time of day.

This will allow you to increase your business’ sales as well as maximize your profits.

This can be done by providing customers with special offers and using marketing tools that increase the customer base.

Teriz (2011) identifies that upselling and cross-selling are the most effective strategies in online sales.

The business may upsell products directly related to products customers have purchased.

These products often have very low prices, which doesn’t affect customers’ decision to buy them.

This increases sales and results in greater profits.

Cross-selling encourages customers, on the other hand. This increases their spending and allows them to purchase more products.

You can do this by introducing customers and other products to satisfy their customer’s needs.

This helps increase sales and revenue.

Online selling offers the possibility to utilize a range of powerful marketing tools that will attract more customers. It will also encourage customers to talk on the website. This will result in better negotiations and a higher number of visitors.

Online selling is much more quantifiable than other sales approaches.

Google analytics makes it easy to track websites that are e-commerce.

This allows the company to view its own statistics. These include orders placed on organization’s website, cart total and cart abandonment rate, as well as total revenue generated by the company during any time period.

This makes it easier to maintain business records and is more efficient (Qin et. al.

E-commerce websites are a more affordable advertising option.

Ecommerce News (2015) says that this can help to grow the customer base. This is especially true if the organization uses Search Engine Optimization to increase its page rank in search engines.

SEO is an effective method to increase traffic to the website.

Online selling takes less time according to Nadu (2016).

An individual or organization can set up an ecommerce website and it takes only a few minutes to make it work.

Online shopping allows customers to order and make payments without having to wait for the seller.

This will give the organization’s managers ample time for making decisions about the products they want to sell and what special offers they can offer that will draw more customers.

It is easier to track trends online and find the best products for you.

Because of their lower operating costs, online sellers can sell more products for a greater margin. This helps them increase their profits.

The company also receives 100% payment from the customer, which helps increase its cash flow, especially if the customer makes installment payments (Kawai & Tagg 2017, 2017).

Online selling allows the organization to gain access to global markets which can increase the market size.

Online commerce allows millions to access the internet from anywhere around the world. This makes it possible for them to purchase goods from any location in the world.

Wills (2014) states that many people prefer ecommerce to other shopping methods. It is convenient and easy.

Because they don’t need to travel far to order products, they can shop from their own home.

They can also shop online at any hour of day.

Shop Updates

Chen (2016) says that sales is largely determined by people. However, sales tools can be a great help to salespeople.

Integrating data, automating and storing it properly can make work more efficient, increase profits, and satisfy customers.

Timely.com (2017) says it is important to embrace the digital system that is revolutionizing business and eliminate the paper-based systems.

Dahlia Shoe Boutique still uses the old method of keeping records. This is not as efficient or accurate.

Because they are able to save time and reduce costs, replacing the paper system will dramatically lower the cost.

Most people don’t consider the time required to make duplicates, create manual records and read information when comparing the cost of the digital and paper systems.

This makes it more expensive to hire people to do the job, which could lead to a higher cost than software subscriptions.


My experience at Dahlia Shoe Boutique has given me many observations. I have also identified some issues that the business needs to fix.

This business is competing with other businesses selling similar products, so they have taken to online selling.

Dahlia should create an e-commerce website that allows customers to access the products and make payments online. This will allow them to compete with other businesses selling similar products.

This will enable the nosiness compete effectively against other competitors in Dublin, as well as other parts of Ireland.

The website of the organization is poor, as it provides little information about the business or the products they sell.

Dahlia should upgrade their website to give detailed information about the business as well as the products they sell.

SEO is a great way to increase the traffic to their site. It will also help grow the customer base.

Also, the business uses outdated systems to keep track of stock and records.

This system is time-consuming and can make mistakes.

Also, it is difficult to retrieve business information from the traditional system. This makes it difficult for future reference.

Due to the high volume of customers, it may not be possible to keep every sales record.

Therefore, the management should look into establishing a digital record keeping program that will both save time and make it easier for customers to access information.


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