102249 Mathematical Patterns And Relationships


Another material is available to check your comprehension of fractions.

2) Related concepts (imperfraction, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions and fraction in its lowest terms).

3) Operations with fractions – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Division involving a mix number must be done by substituting the mixed number(s), with an incorrect fraction(s).

There are three types of percent calculations:

Find the part from the percent and the whole.

Find the percent using the parts and the whole.

Find the whole by multiplying the percent and the portion.

A proportion can be used to find the total by combining the percent and part.

Describe in detail the difficulties and challenges you encountered while completing this assignment. Also describe how you dealt with these challenges.

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The report is focused on mathematical problems in everyday life.

It mainly focuses on one event and how an individual manages their cash to plan a party.

It is about proper budget planning, tax planning, and cost control. This helps you throw a great party for your dear ones.

Description of the event:

From the total savings made from Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 from the teacher’s salary income, a surprise birthday planning was done for the mother.

It was decided how much could be spent on the party as well as what budget could be used to throw a great party.

Contextual statement

After completing my high school diploma, I’m now preparing for a masters in education. My dream is to teach masters students.

My passion is to educate children and help them reach their goals.

I see my career as being in the same field and would like to have more opportunities in this teaching area.

Research plan

The 2018 pay scale includes information about the teaching position and the pay-scale.

My first job was as primary teacher in a primary school.

My base salary is AUD 62.139 an year, which includes bonuses and all allowances (Pay-scale, 2018,).

I prefer to use public transport to get me to school due to its ease of use and lower cost.

I prefer to live a normal life, where I can save little money for my future but live happily in the present.

My childhood has influenced my decision to choose an average lifestyle.

I’ve seen many things during my childhood, so saving is a wise option for a better tomorrow. I want to build my dream home soon, and I need savings.

Income and expenses

My base salary is AUD 62.139 annually. This includes bonuses and allowances (Pay-scale 2018, 2018).

The company’s weekly income is $ 2390. Of this, the company has paid the taxes amount.

After paying the tax amount the fortnight income of the company is $ 1948. $ 1872.2 of that has been spent on personal expenses.

Fortnight’s expenses are $ 1872.20, and $ 1970.71 has been saved for future goals or sudden needs.

The following table shows the income tax expenses.

Calculate the tax to be paid.


Counting on Method

Start with 37 000 and work your way up

Start with the right.

37 000 to 40.000 3 000

40 000 to 60000 20 000

60 000 to 6 139 2 133

Two Thousand: 2 -0 =2

Total 25139

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