PHYS 2011 Physics


Online submission of assignments to this unit is required through the Turnitin link found on the eLearning website for this unit.

Make sure your SID is clearly displayed on your assignment.

It should be visible on the first page as well as in the header or footer.

Because of university policy, anonymous marking is not allowed. We do not want names on assignments. It is therefore important to ensure that your SIDs match the requirements.

Assignments can be submitted in any of these formats:

* Preferable format: Text-based pdfs (e.g.

Use’save as’ in Word to choose PDF.

This should ensure that your files appear exactly how you intended.

Use the Word Equation Editing Tools (or something equivalent) if your assignment contains equations.

* A partially or fully scanned PDF of a handwritten assignment may be acceptable if the assignment contains significant amounts of equations (symbolic, numerical).

Scanning at 150dpi is recommended.

Although pages can be photographed, it is not recommended. However, the image must be clear and easily read.

Unreadable or unclear assignments will not get a mark.

Assignments must be submitted online before 11.59pm on the due day.

Click Confirm to submit your assignment.

You will then be emailed to acknowledge receipt of your submission.

Total 30 marks

Mineral turpentine (or ‘turps”) floats on water, because it is slightly denser than water.

The film of mineral Turpentine, when viewed from the above, shows many rainbow colors reflecting off the surface.

A scientist points a scope at a particular bright spot to measure the wavelength.

The index of water refraction is 1.33.

The index for refraction of mineral turpentine, 1.44.

(ii) What is the minimum thickness of the oil at this location?

(iii). The oil spillage is large and a diver looking down at the same spot from the surface of the mineral turpentine slick as the scientist.

Is there a longer wavelength of visible light that can be transmitted the most strongly to a diver given the oil’s thickness?

7 marks

A thin wire is placed between two perfectly flat plates of glass to create an air wedge between them.

The sodium lamp (589 nm), is used to illuminate the plates. It can be viewed at an almost normal incidence.

N bright fringes are counted along the 35.0mm distance between the lines where the plates touch and the location for the wire. There is a bright fringe near the wire’s location.

2 N PHYS 2011 Optics Assignment 19/04/18 N is determined by N = (xy+2) where xy is the last two numbers of your SID number.

If your SID is 450136477 (e.g.

(ii) Draw the fringe pattern as it appears from above the glass plates.

Looking down from above the diagram.

(iii). Calculate the wire’s diameter.

Explain your method.

6 marks


where xy represents the last two numbers of your SID number

If your SID is 450136477 (e.g.

This device is used to study the Ha line (656.281nm) of Hydrogen.

(i) Calculate Dl = 0.0136nm to determine the resolution required to separate the components in the Ha line.

(iii). Assuming that the incident angle th a small, calculate the minimum spacing for the Fabry Perot plates in order achieve this resolution.

(iii). Determine the free spectral band for this interferometer.

7 marks

The unpolarised light I0 is incident on three sheets of polaroid.

The polarising directions are as follows: Sheet 1, vertical – i.e.

at 0° Sheet 2: at an Angle th to vertical Sheet 3 : Horizontal – i.e.

(ii) Draw a plot of the changes in irradiance II of the light coming from Sheet 3 that varies from 0 up to 180 degrees.

(iii). Describe the state polarization for the light coming from Sheet 3. It can vary from 0 to 180 degrees.

You must justify your answers. 5 marks

(i) Explain what the term circular Polarisation means.

How is it different to elliptical Polarisation?

(iii). Using a diagram to show how to use both a circular polarizer and a quarter-wave plate to determine if a beam of light has been circularly polarized.

5 marks


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