SC200 Discovering Science


Your modern life depends on many technologies.

You will be looking at some of these technologies, and the scientific discoveries which made them possible.

You will assess both the positive and negative impacts of these discoveries.

You will also be able to examine how different cultures approach the same issue – health care – by broadening your perspective.

Part I Science for Your Personal and Professional Lives

From the moment you wake-up to the time you go back to sleep, think about your day.

Name four technologies that you rely upon and without which it would be difficult for you to get through your day/night.

What negative impact do these technologies have on your daily life?

Why or not?

From the moment you get up, to the moment you go to sleep, think about your day.

Please describe one scientific discovery that has made modern living possible.

List all the possible negative and positive effects that this scientific discovery or the technologies it allowed to develop may have.

Consider the positives and determine if they are more important than the negatives.

Part II Science And Technology in A Multicultural World

Research programs are focused on discovering cures for mental illnesses and cancer.

Modern society spends a lot of money and time to find new cures and improve existing treatments.

Take a look at the following Unit 9 Assignment Resources

One advantage and one disadvantage of westernized high tech medical research approaches to medical treatment.

Discuss one advantage and one disadvantage of traditional medicine as a treatment method.

Do you think there are any benefits to using multi-cultural approaches to medical care?

Please explain your answer.

Are these two approaches culturally compatible?

Why or not?

Discuss the potential challenges in combining these two approaches to treatment which have very different levels of reliance upon scientific research and technology.


Part 1

Here are some examples of technologies that I depend upon so heavily and cannot live with out:

Mobile phones: Calls, messages, and access to the internet

Personal computers

Electronic funds transfer

These technologies have negative effects on life

Although these technologies have many advantages, I cannot ignore their negative impact on my daily life.

Internet addiction is perhaps the most severe problem.

I cannot function without the internet. Actually, even my thinking is affected because I wish to explore everything on the internet.

It makes it difficult to form the necessary thinking habits for a student like myself.

Also, studies have shown that internet addiction can be caused by excessive internet usage (Ko, Yen Yen Chen, Yen Chen, & Chen (2012); Shaw & Black (2008)

Cheng & Li (2014) carried out a study in 31 countries on internet addiction and discovered that 6% are addicted to the internet.

My internet addiction has negatively impacted my daily life. I’ve lost contact with my relatives and friends because they are only a call away.

Kietzmann (Hermkens), McCarthy, and Silvestre (2011) stated that people who use mobile phones and computers don’t see the need to physically contact their friends and families if they can access them via phone calls.

Wajcman Bittman and Brown (2008) found that using phones actually made relationships weaker than it was expected.

Because I wait until the very last minute before I complete transactions using electric funds transfer (EFT), I have also become lazy.

EFT is a great way to get food, but I have had problems ordering it in the past due to low internet at night.

Scientific Discovery Making Modern Life Possible

The modern world is now a reality thanks to the internet’s scientific advancement and scientific discovery.

Internet is in constant demand regardless of age, from the moment one wakes up until the time they go to bed at night.

Because of the high demand for internet, and the continuous use of it, there have been many innovations in forms of internet that are super-fast.

Between 2000 and 2009, the number of internet users increased by 394 to 1.858 millions (Upreti 2013, 2013).

Upreti (2013) observes the internet has been linked to every aspect of human life. This is why the number of internet users keeps on rising, both for the young and the old.

The internet is the largest information resource. Access methods have improved over time. It started as dial-up connections. Next came broadband. Finally, it was able to access wireless technology.

People access the internet to get updates about current events. We also depend on the internet for communication and connection around the world.

The internet makes it possible for people to connect with each other through social networking sites.

You can also shop online, order food, study, read books, and play video games through the internet.

Modern life has been made possible by the internet.

Internet’s positive and negative effects

Positive Impacts

Communication is easy

It saves time and effort

Sources of information

Business as redefined

Improvements in service delivery in finance, health education and finance.

Negative impacts


Obesity is caused by physical inactivity

Inadequacy in social skills


Cyber bullying


Inadequate privacy

Reduced attention span

Internet addiction

Moral corruption

It is clear from the above that the negative consequences of internet far outweigh any positive.

The negative effects of the internet have been shown to be detrimental for employees (Marulanda & Jackson (2012)), students (Lam Peng Mai & Jing (2009)) and marriages.

All of these prove that the internet has had a devastating effect on society.

Part 2

Western Approach To Medical Treatment

Advantage: Western medicine is a fast and effective treatment.

Patients suffering from acute symptoms should be taken to the emergency department. A diagnosis and treatment can be provided in a matter of hours using the laboratories (Dobos & Tao 2011, 2011).

Disadvantage : Westernized medical treatments can sometimes treat symptoms but not the root cause.

Traditional Medicine as A Method Of Medical Treatment

Advantage: Has minimal side effects

Disadvantages: Traditional medicine isn’t appropriate for many severe illnesses or grave accidents like extreme trauma, broken leg or other serious injuries, as compared with western medicine

Multicultural Medical Treatment: Benefits

Culture is an integral part of human life. It gives rise to a network that ties them together politically, socially, and economically.

The provision of medical treatment services requires that health professionals not only heal, but also relate to patients on a very personal basis.

Multicultural healthcare will promote mutual respect and trust between patients and health professionals. This will help to reduce medical errors and legal costs.

Possibility to improve the two approaches by drawing one on top

Both the westernised and traditional treatment approaches cannot be improved upon each other because of differences in their bases and approaches.

The Western approach treats individual body parts, while the traditional treatment views the entire body.

The combination of two different approaches to treatment, each with different degrees of dependence on the research, presents several challenges.

The first issue is authenticity.

Most cultural treatment methods are based upon divination or spritism. Herbalists are the exception.

This is completely different from an approach that is solely based on technology and scientific research. It relies on genuine evidence from research to heal.

It is a common perception among western-trained healthcare workers that traditional methods of healing can sometimes prove to be dangerous to patients. This is because they are not aware of the interconnectedness of different body parts.

The westernized trainees view a combination of both culturally distinct approaches to treatment as legitimizing inappropriate traditional healing practices (Mokgobi 2013, 2013).


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