LGT4103 Project Management


1.Start a WBS to plan a small project using the software you prefer.

You can use this tool to create a WBS for a short planned project. It should include a variety of phases and deliverables.

2. Along with your WBS, provide a brief overview of the project, a description and rationale for the approach used.



Hongkong Poster is a software company based in Hongkong.

They offered web-based solutions to customers.

They have a solid reputation in the industry.

The company employs over 1000 people.

The company offers both short-term as well as long-term services.

The company has just completed a project lasting over 15 months.

This project was handled by more than 25 employees.

This project helped Hongkong Poster make large revenue.

The company decided to reward its employees with a trip for all-expenses paid to Malaysia.

This trip will be considered a project. The PMBoK principles would be used to manage it.

The project will be given an estimated budget, schedule, risk management plan, communication plan, and so forth.

PMBoK Guide will provide many more methods and techniques to help you manage your project’s goals.


The main objective of this project is to organize a retreat at Hongkong Poster for 25 employees with a budget of around 70,000 SGD.

These are the essential goals:

You will need to finalize the bookings of airline tickets for each member according the dates.

Complementary hotel booking on a double-sharing basis.

Finish up the preparation of a complete itinerary.

A list was created for each member of the team who will be traveling.

Visa approval is available for employees.

Preparation of a complete itineraries.

Confirm the hotel booking.

2-way airfare tickets


Select dates – 1stDec. 2018, 2018.

Finalization for all employees – 4thDec 2018.

Confirming and buying air-tickets – 15 Dec 2018, 2018.

Finalization of Visa Application – 17 December 2018, 2018.

Finalization of all itinerary – 19 December 2018, 2018.

Bookings for hotel tickets and confirmation – 24th December 2018, 2018.

Technical Requirements

The following is the technical specification of the project:

All members of the team should have their passports.

All members of the team must be eligible to travel to Malaysia

All members of the team need to have their respective Visas.

All team members must be physically fit to travel on the designated dates.

Limitations and Exclusions

Personal shopping costs of employees would need to be borne by them.

The tickets will be economy class, and all charges for upgrades are to be borne entirely by the employees.

A team member who is vital to any company project would be prohibited from traveling.

The hotel booking is on twin-sharing basis. However, if someone prefers single occupancy rooms, the same shall be charged to them.

The trip will be completed in 7 days. This includes travel dates.

2. Work Breakdown Structure

WBS preparations for the above case were done using a top down approach.

This approach is very easy to learn and breaks down complex tasks into manageable and easily executed sub-tasks.

It is also natural for human brain to begin with a broader view of a topic and then break it down into more specific pieces (Norman Brotherton and Fried 2011, 2011).


Applying the work breakdown structure to the project lifecycle.

Norman, E.; Brotherton S.; Fried R. (2011).

Work Breakdown Structures.

How to Create a Work Breakdown Framework – For Dummies.

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