NSG565 Primary Care Management Across The Lifespan


1.Indicate why each stakeholder would/would not support the proposed changes in your practicum projects

2.Describe the negotiation strategy, style or tactic you would use to get full support from all stakeholders if they are not supportive of your change.



The United States has many hospitals that are trying to cut costs. They use different strategies, which can result in low-quality services and high prices.

Here are some reasons why cost reduction is important to different stakeholders.


Why not propose a project

Why propose a project

Administrative team

They represent the Organization’s highest-ranking management.

They claim that ordering more tests will increase market shares by charging higher prices for tests.

We need to reduce costs by improving our processes, treatment, and/or attracting penalty charges that reduce administration and company image.

They propose the project as they don’t require more staff. The administrative team is the key decision maker within the organization.

They fear that the project will raise system costs and increase overall cost.

This will allow them to cut down on their facility expenses.


Since they can lower costs using market incentives, doctors will order more tests.

They are paid only for tests ordered, and not for referrals.

They order the tests that they need, and thus reduce costs.

Doctors who order more tests for their own benefit earn more.

This leads to higher healthcare costs (Hall & Doran 2016).

Doctors are afraid of the law so they request unnecessary tests to avoid being sued.

They bill more and request unnecessary tests, which in turn increases the costs.

It should be stopped as it is detrimental to doctors and has no value for the providers.


The nurse practitioner and doctor work together.

They make the doctor’s decision about whether or not the test should be performed (MedPac (2008)).

They can therefore help lower costs by preventing unnecessary tests, particularly those required by physicians or inter-disciplinary teams.

Nurses have an influence over decision-making and may support physicians in ordering unnecessary tests to maximize their reimbursement.

This raises the overall cost.


It is important to conduct tests because pharmacies can advise on the best route for cheap medication and reusing space from asthmatics patients (Probst Shaffer & Chan 2013, 2013).

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies collaborate to find new drugs for the market. This means that doctors and pharmacists often do unnecessary tests, which can lead to higher medication costs.


Radiology experts suggested the project as they would advise on the more affordable tests.

Radiology teams may advise doctors and, therefore, they might liaise with them and order unnecessary tests in order to gain from the increased medication costs (Rovner (2009)

It is important that I establish my target based upon the company and determine the primary objective, which is to reduce costs.

This will allow me to make more informed decisions and be clearer about the solutions.

Negotiation style

I will adopt an accommodating style, where members have the chance to express their opinions.

This will foster a positive relationship among members.

All members are satisfied when they make decisions.

I will consider their opinions and offer my best solution.

I will be asking each member for their interests, prioritizing interests according to importance, highlighting common interests, and being open to them.

This will allow others to rank their priorities as well and provide better options.

The agreement will be reached after considering all possible solutions and deciding on the best one.


Stakeholders can make many suggestions to lower costs.

They must consider all possible options before choosing the best one. Therefore, negotiation involving diverse viewpoints was used in this instance to achieve a consensus.


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