EDU10004 Theories Of Teaching And Learning


This assignment will ask you to reflect upon your own learning experience and how it supports the teaching and learning process.

This is how theories about learning emerged when theorists started to explore the complex ways in which learning happens.

This assignment asks you to create a presentation telling a story about your learning. It should also make some learning processes visible.

This story can be written and presented in interesting and creative ways. You may use photographs, graphics, or images similar to those used when creating picture books.

You can create a presentation you could present to an audience.

You will not actually be presenting it.

Write a story to describe your understanding of and experience with learning.

Although you do not have to use a specific learning theory, you can, but you must show that you are aware of their purpose and how they connect to the practice and practice of teaching.

Be sure to highlight the connection between experience and learning in your story. Also, explain and illustrate how learning can be complex.

Use professional images and graphic features to illustrate your story. You’ll be judged on their effectiveness in communicating your message.

These can be cited with APA guidelines.

When you are describing your ideas and values, use the first person.

In addition to the illustrations, a reference list must be included with at least six references


Mathematics was something I feared when I was in 6th grade.

I hate numbers, figures, and numerical figures of any kind.

How to overcome fear of math

My family, particularly my parents, were very concerned about my fear and anxiety of maths. They wanted me to be free from this fear as soon a possible.

I was also supported by my friends.

Learn to Overcome Fear of Math

My teachers at school were not very supportive.

They saw anyone who could not master mathematics as a bad student.

We had a new student joining our class in September 2001, the beginning of the year.

He was cooperative, a great student and an expert in math.

Stephen was his name, and he didn’t seem to be proud of his math skills.

How to overcome fear of math

Stephen and me quickly became good friends despite my weak Math skills.

I spent time in the library with him during recess, helping him to solve sums.

Learning how to overcome fear of math

After several weeks of keeping Stephen company in the library for a while, I decided that I would spend some time practicing my math.

I would sit and calculate sums, sometimes taking Stephen’s guidance when necessary.

How to overcome fear of math

In Math, I did pretty well on the November 1st class test.

My teachers, as well as the rest of my classmates, were shocked.

The next few tests were followed by more, and I started to score extremely high after the fourth or fifth test.

My teachers, as well as my family members and friends, did not understand why I had made so many progresses.

I, on the other side, understood what was happening. I can relate much of this to the learning theory experimentalism (Mayo and 1996).

From the experience, I learned that my main problem was not math ability but lack of confidence.

I learned that it was possible to overcome difficulties and obstacles in the company of close friends (Eysenck 2017).

I saw the tables turn and learned that teachers are not always the best. That bright students and scholars can pass on lessons better (Eysenck 2017).

The most important thing I learned about Math from my ability to excel in 6th grade Math was that practice makes perfect. (Silverman. 1988).

It was because I spent many hours in the library practicing various sums with Stephen that I was able actually to do well.

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