MATH 1030 Business Mathematics


Write an equation for each problem.

You don’t have the obligation to complete these steps in order to be awarded full credit.

Boater’s Paradise had five more boats sold at a recent boat fair than Pelican Marin.

What number of boats did each company sell if they were to be sold together, if 33?

Cupcake Cafe has 4 1/2 times the revenue for muffins than it does doughnuts.

What was the cost of each baked good if total sales were $44,000 for May?

Ethan Hunt, a famously intelligent IMF employee, can capture a terrorist within ten days.

Luther Stickell from the same organization can capture the same terrorist within eleven days.

What is the time it takes to catch a terrorist when working together?


Let B and P be boats sold at Boater Paradise.

This equation can be used to represent the 33 total boats that were sold.

Given that Boater Paradise sold five more boats per year than Pelican Marin, express B in terms P.

We get this by substituting the first equation.

Subtracting 5 on each side of this equation results in

Divide the equation by two to get

Therefore, you can obtain the value of P

Substituting in P in B results in the value of B

Boater Paradise sold 19 boats and Pelican Marin sold 14 boats

Let X denote revenue earned by cupcake cafes from doughnuts, while Y represents revenue generated by muffins.

We have the equation. Total revenue generated is 44000.

However, revenue on cupcakes is four and a half times greater than revenue on muffins so we have.

We can substitute this for the previous equation.

Solving equations by multiplying the sides

Find x and solve it.

Thus, revenue generated by cupcake cafes from doughnuts amounts to 36000, while revenue from muffins comes in at 8000.

Ethan Hunt captured the terrorist in 10days. This means that he can complete the entire task in one day.

Luther Stickell captured the terrorist in 11 days. This means that he can complete the entire task in just one day.

Together, they can accomplish the job in a single day, meaning they will capture the terrorist in days.

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